The Shaman  Bear Spirit  TeacherTransmits Wisdom and Knowledge. pastel work by Dorothy Graden
One Who Knows
pastels on pulp painted cotton rag
31" x 22"

As I meditated on the paper I created, the bear image began to emerge, so I gathered up my pastels and asked the spirit how she wished to appear. The bear is a spirit of solitude and quiet, yet transmits strength and confidence, so she had to have that presence in my drawing. Her raised arm represents the transferring of knowledge and wisdom through the shaman. The colors signify earth and sky, water and fire, and the cycles of nature as Bear Spirit is present and aware and uses these elements to heal. I have visited a number of sacred bear sites in Wyoming and Montana and they are in remote areas of peace and solitude surrounded by powerful rock energy. These sites were often used for fertility rituals, thus insuring the life cycle.